How to Prevent Pregnancy After A Drug With Anti-Pregnancy Effects Could Be Harmful

A drug that could cause serious side effects in some pregnant women could also cause serious harm to unborn babies.

An FDA review released Wednesday found that the antiepilotic drug nebulized diphenhydramine (Neptune) can be used by pregnant women and unborn babies to treat pain.

However, the drug could cause a range of problems to unborn infants, including the death of the child, according to the review.

The drug, which is used to treat multiple sclerosis and multiple sclerosis-related pain, is also used for other conditions, including for depression and asthma.

Neptunemine has been approved for use by more than 60 countries and territories and the FDA has approved it for the treatment of conditions including pain and fibromyalgia.

The agency noted that the drug is approved for only one condition, multiple sclerosis.

However it also noted that there are some indications for other indications.

The FDA review, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was prompted by a recent review of the safety of Neptune by the agency’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

The committee noted that an unborn baby could die from the drugs effect.

The report said that Neptunumine, which contains a molecule called imidacloprid, can increase fetal exposure to the drug, including to certain bacteria that may cause respiratory illness, increased heart rate and possibly other birth defects.

The study said that Neon could also lead to fetal death by increasing maternal serum concentrations of the neurotoxin imidacloprid and other neurotoxins, leading to the development of antibodies to the toxins, according the FDA review.

The review found that neonatal nephropathy is rare and that Neon was approved for treating rare neonatal infections.

It noted that Neon also was approved in the United Kingdom and is approved in Canada.

The Neptunia website states that Neon is approved as a non-narcotic analgesic and is used in the treatment and management of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgic and asthma conditions.

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