How to treat the flu? –

PPI drugs are not commonly used to treat flu, but they are a common side-effect of the drug class, and there are also a number of treatments available.

In fact, there are so many that there is a new website for the medication. 

The site offers a few different treatments. 

Puerto Rico has a shortage of the medication, and the US has announced it will provide $10m (£6.7m) to assist Puerto Rico.

The site offers to pay for medication prescriptions for residents in the US. 

There are also several other medications that can be used to combat the flu. 

A number of these medications have been around for some time.

A medication that is commonly used in the treatment of the flu is the combination of a medication called PPI-6 and a vaccine called the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.

Pneumococcal vaccines are usually given as a single shot.

The PPI vaccine is the more effective version.

The shot is administered as a double shot or in the case of PPI, as an extended dose.

In most cases, the two shots are administered together.

This way, it is possible to receive two doses of the vaccine without taking a second shot. 

If you are allergic to PPI you may have to take one or more of the two injections, depending on your symptoms. 

But if you do not have symptoms, you can also take a second injection at the same time as the first. 

One benefit of this vaccine is that it is much less likely to cause side effects.

It has been used to protect against the coronavirus and other illnesses, such as meningitis.

Pillow-thin layers of the pneumocillin vaccine are sprayed on the face.

They protect against pneumonia and other bacterial infections. 

What to do if you have symptoms: PPI pills can cause fever and cough, although it is usually milder than if you had the flu and you did not have the vaccine.

If you have a cold, the vaccine can also help reduce the flu-like symptoms of a cold. 

For more information, see the PPI site. 

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