What are psychoactive drugs?

Drug withdrawal is when the drug you are taking stops working or has no effect.

This is a common side effect of the use of some drugs.

The most common side effects of psychoactive medications are nausea, dizziness, dizzy spells, and weakness.

Some medications also cause depression and anxiety.

Here are some of the common side reactions and side effects that occur with the use or abuse of certain psychoactive medicines.


Headaches The symptoms of the symptoms of headache are headache, dizzying, nausea, drowsiness, and confusion.


Sinus-related headaches You may also experience these symptoms: weakness, dry mouth, headache, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or feeling like your throat is constricting.

You may notice the following symptoms: headache, difficulty speaking, dry throat, neck pain, or chest pain.


Tingling or burning pain You may experience a mild tingling, burning sensation or prickling sensation at the area around the affected area.

You might also feel a slight tingle in your lower back, arms, or legs.

You will usually feel this tingliness in the morning and then it gradually fades.


Headache and dizziness you may experience this when you are very tired or when you take a lot of drugs, such as amphetamines or cocaine.


Dizziness or lightheadedness You may feel dizziness or shortness of breath, even though you are awake and not using any drugs.


Sudden dizziness and loss of coordination You may not feel dizzy or light headed when you have this reaction.


Feeling like you are being hit with a hammer You may be struck by a hammer or other object.

You should also feel this if you have ever felt like you have been hit with an object such as a rock, glass, or glassware.

If you are experiencing this reaction, tell a healthcare provider right away.


Pseudomembrane swelling You may have a swelling of your membranes called pseudomembroile or pseudomymbrane rash.

It may be due to a substance that is in your system.

It is usually temporary and will clear up within a few days.


Swelling in the skin, eyes, or other body areas This is due to an illness such as hepatitis B or C. It can be mild or it can be severe and can cause redness and swelling in your body or in the joints.


Dry mouth This is the feeling that there is something stuck in your mouth or throat.

It might be painful or it might not.


Head pain, dizzness, or weakness When you have these symptoms, you are probably experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the use, abuse, or prescription of certain drugs.

You are also likely to experience fatigue, sleep disturbance, anxiety, and restlessness.

This may cause you to skip or skip meals, drink a lot, or have other health problems.


Loss of appetite and appetite control This is when you stop eating or drinking.

Your body may not be able to get the nutrients it needs for energy or make the right vitamins.

This can be especially bad when you’re taking drugs that interfere with the normal metabolism of fat and sugar.


Fever This is common and usually goes away on its own.

If it doesn’t, you may be having more of the flu.


Nausea You may want to take some medications to control nausea, such a medications such as aspirin, or try to control other side effects.


Chronic fatigue syndrome This is usually a side effect that occurs in some people who have been taking certain drugs or taking a lot.

This condition may also be associated with other symptoms, such with: sleep disorders, depression, anxiety or agitation, or anxiety, irritability, insomnia, or trouble concentrating.

It usually starts in middle age or later in life.


Heart problems This condition usually starts as a mild illness that is a side-effect of the drugs used to treat certain illnesses.

The heart is an organ that pumps blood and oxygen to all the organs in your bodies.

It has been found that certain medicines, especially those used for pain, can cause heart disease.

The side effects include: high blood pressure, low blood sugar, heart disease, and stroke.


Pregnancy or breastfeeding problems Some drugs may affect your pregnancy or breastfeeding.

These include medicines for depression and pain.


Hemorrhaging or clotting problems These conditions can occur when there is too much fluid in your blood, such that it gets trapped in the blood vessels.

They may include: a bleeding disorder, a clotting disorder, and a pulmonary embolism.

They can be life-threatening.

These are the types of problems that can occur during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.


High blood pressure These can also be caused by drugs, which can increase your blood

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