How the Drug War has turned America into a global drug kingpin

The drug war has left many Americans homeless, injured, or dead, according to a new study.

While the drug war is often portrayed as a war on crime and drug dealers, its real impact is being felt across the board, including on individuals and families, the authors of the report say.

Here are the key findings from the new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University: * Nearly one in five people who use drugs will die from an overdose, according the study.

This number is almost four times higher than the national average.

* More than 20% of people who overdose will die in a single year, the study found.

Nearly half of these deaths are due to overdoses from drugs other than prescription painkillers, methamphetamines, and cocaine.

* Nearly half the overdose deaths in the United States occur from prescription painkiller use.

The authors attribute this to the fact that people who get high on prescription pain killers often get hooked on more dangerous prescription pain drugs.

* One in five overdose deaths are caused by alcohol, while the majority of overdose deaths happen from cocaine and heroin.

This is partly due to the popularity of the prescription opioid drugs, which are heavily promoted in the media.

This explains why most people who die from overdoses from alcohol or other drugs will not be identified as an alcohol or drug overdose victim, according a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

* Overdoses from heroin and cocaine are up nearly 50% since the drug was first made illegal in 1971, according in the study, and overdoses from cocaine are also up, although not as much.

In fact, the number of overdose fatalities from cocaine, heroin, and methampheth are down nearly 10% since 1971.

These drugs are becoming more popular with people who want to get high and avoid the consequences of addiction.

* Drug overdose deaths rose by nearly a third between 2012 and 2014, but are down in 2015 and 2016, according researchers.

The drug overdose death rate in the U.S. is currently at the highest level since 1970.

The report also finds that drug-related deaths have decreased since 2012, although some overdose deaths may still be occurring.

In 2016, about half of the drug overdose deaths occurred in the Midwest, with nearly a quarter in the South.

The researchers note that these trends have continued since the end of the Great Recession.

But this has led to a decrease in deaths from all types of overdose and to a rise in drug-involved deaths.

The decline in drug overdose and drug-associated deaths has been attributed to many factors, including a reduction in the number and severity of overdose incidents and an increase in the use of overdose prevention and recovery programs.

But the researchers say this decrease is also due to increased awareness and use of treatment and recovery services.

The study notes that these findings are not unique to the United State.

It is a global trend that has become particularly pronounced over the past decade or so.

“The use of prescription opioids and other drugs is increasing worldwide, particularly in developed countries.

Drug-related overdose deaths continue to be a global public health concern, with the United Kingdom and Australia the only countries with a significant overdose death increase over the last decade,” the authors write.

“While the overall opioid overdose death toll has been declining over the years, overdose deaths from prescription drugs have continued to increase, with many people unaware that they are experiencing a major health problem.”

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To contact the reporter on this story: Michael J. Sacks in Washington at [email protected]

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