How do you end drug prohibition in the US?

It’s a question that’s been asked by people across the country for years, but in the United States, a lot of politicians are still hesitant to even entertain the idea.

It’s one of the reasons why the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has launched a new campaign, the Drug Legalization Act of 2018, in order to bring about the end of drug prohibition.

The bill would decriminalize the possession and use of all drugs in the U.S., and would provide incentives for states to legalize and regulate them.

The DPA is also pushing for the legalization of recreational drugs, like marijuana, and medical marijuana.

However, some have criticized the bill for not taking a hard look at the actual drug war in the country, and even some advocates have criticized it for not looking at the effects of prohibition.

One of those critics is Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday that the bill doesn’t do enough to address the “very real and very dangerous drug war” that the country has been waging.

“If you look at what the Department of Justice (DOJ) has done in terms of prosecuting, incarcerating, incarcerative and deporting people for possession, you will find that the drug war is a war that we are not doing our job,” Booker said.

“The only way to stop this war is to legalize, regulate, tax, and tax and regulate.

And we should be doing that.”

Booker has introduced similar bills in the past, but they’ve been blocked by Republican-controlled states.

That’s because they only include the states that have passed legalization measures, which have been deemed unconstitutional by the courts.

This year, the DPA hopes to do the same, though it hasn’t yet announced a specific timeline for its legislative push.

If it’s successful, the bill would be the first federal legalization of marijuana since the Nixon administration, which legalized recreational use of marijuana in 1969.

In 2017, Congress passed a bill to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, but the legislation was blocked by President Donald Trump, who said he wouldn’t sign it.

After the election, Trump signed the Justice Department’s recommendation that the Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) implement an executive order that would allow for the federal government to use federal funds to regulate marijuana.

The new bill would make that executive order permanent, and it would also make it clear that the Department should not interfere with state-level initiatives.

In addition, the legislation would make it illegal for federal agencies to spend any money to fight the war on drugs, and would prohibit the use of taxpayer funds to fund any campaign or lobbying for a federal election.

The legislation would also prohibit federal agencies from spending any money for marijuana legalization initiatives.

The DEA would still have the authority to implement state-based initiatives, which is what the DEA did with Oregon and Washington, which both passed marijuana legalization measures.

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