Mexico’s drug war: The fight against narco-trafficking is on

In November, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the creation of the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB), a new agency that will control the production, distribution and trafficking of drugs.

This was a controversial move that many saw as an attempt to circumvent existing laws, but the NCB has proved remarkably effective in the fight against drug trafficking.

The agency’s mandate is to fight drug cartels that target the young, poor and marginalized populations in Mexico, including indigenous and indigenous communities, children, migrants, women and other marginalized groups.

The NCB’s first major announcement came in August 2016, when it launched Operation Enduring Peace, a national campaign to arrest traffickers in the drug trade.

This campaign, called Operation La Familia, resulted in the arrest of over 3,600 traffickers and the confiscation of more than 4,200 kilograms of cocaine.

In October of this year, the NCCB launched a new initiative, Operation El Tigre, which aims to target organized crime and cartels across Mexico.

El Tigrítano is the name given to the network of networks of drug dealers that cross borders to operate from the United States and Europe.

El Tírón is a network of drug trafficking organizations in Mexico that is responsible for the production and distribution of cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs.

The first two major targets of El Tigres operations were the La Familias (Mexican Mafia) and the El Tigregas (El Tigregalos).

These organizations are active across Mexico, and they use Mexican narco trafficking networks as a base for their operations.

El Tiempo (Toward the Future) is an organization that specializes in the production of cocaine and other drugs, and it has an extensive network of contacts across Mexico and across the United Sates.

The organization is made up of the Jalisco New Generation, the Juarez Cartel, the Jaltenjas, and the Jalopas, all of whom operate in the southern United States.

The El Tigreras and El Tigrenas operate in different parts of Mexico and have different tactics.

The Juarez cartel operates in the western state of Jalisco and the Juárez cartel operates along the border with the state of Guerrero.

The Jalisco cartel operates mostly in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, while the Juazas operate mostly in Oaxaca and the Pacific Coast states of Chiapas and Michoacán.

The Tejas cartel operates primarily in the northwestern state of Guanajuato and the Central Mexican cartel operates largely in Michoacan.

The La Familias are also involved in a number of different drug trafficking activities, including drug smuggling.

The goal of the El Ticos (El Ticoras) is to smuggle drugs into the United State through the U.S.-Mexico border and into the U,S.


The Central Mexican cartels are primarily active in the state and border areas of Chiapan, Oaxac, Otecuchos and Michocayán.

Both the Juas and the Tejas operate primarily in Guerrero.

In the southern states of Michoaca and Oaxarrucha, the La Ticas and La Tigre operate primarily.

The Guadalajara cartel operates predominantly in the Gulf of California, and in the Rio Grande Valley, it is one of the most active transnational drug trafficking operations in the United United States, with over 5,000 kilograms of marijuana and approximately 4,700 kilograms of other illegal narcotics.

The Los Zetas are one of Mexico’s largest drug trafficking cartels.

The Zetras primarily operate in southern states such as Tama, Chihuahua and Sinaloa, and operate along the southern border with Canada.

The Guerreros Unidos is a transnational organized crime group that is mainly focused on the production or trafficking of cocaine in Central and South America.

It is headquartered in Sinaldo, Mexico.

The Cancun-based Gulf Cartel is one the most influential transnational criminal organizations in the world.

The Gulf Cartels is responsible to the transnational networks of Colombian drug traffickers and drug traffickers from Central and Southern America.

The U.N.-designated Los Zets are an international transnational transnational organization of organized crime, organized crime groups, organized criminals and criminal organizations operating primarily in Central America and the Caribbean.

The Mexican government has been trying to crack down on the smuggling of cocaine since 2006.

The law enforcement agencies in the country have taken the fight to the cartels, which have been able to adapt to their new environments by adopting more sophisticated techniques and techniques, such as high-tech surveillance, mobile and drones, and enhanced detection equipment.

While the Mexican government is trying to stamp out the trans-national drug network, its efforts have come at a cost.

The violence in the nation’s borderlands has made it a magnet for drug trafficking and human trafficking.

According to the

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