LSD in pill form, capsules and tablets: A look at the new psychedelic drugs

A new wave of psychedelic drugs is coming out of the labs of synthetic chemist Martin Shkreli, and his online shop,, has already sold more than 2,000 packages of pills, capsules, tablets and other products.

“We’re just trying to build a market and bring it to a wider audience,” Shkresi said.

“The thing that makes it so fun to me is the fact that there’s a lot of people out there who can’t afford the medications we have.”

The website sells the drugs online and in stores, but the biggest revenue source for Shkrels is selling on the street.

People can buy them for as little as $40 each, and then use them as a makeshift “drug house” to experiment.

Many of the drugs are derived from a strain of hallucinogen that is known as flakka, which has a similar psychoactive effect to LSD but with a higher potency.

Flakka pills are not meant to be used recreationally, but rather as a means to experiment with a different psychedelic drug, or even a “high” that has a high potential for abuse.

The drugs have a long history in the US, but were first isolated in the 1950s in Germany.

Drugs are not the only thing available on Shkrer’s website.

There are also pills and powders that include shrooms, which are powders of the psychedelic plant known as psilocybin, a chemical found in the mushroom family of plants.

Psilocybe mushrooms are sometimes called magic mushrooms, and have been known to induce hallucinations.

Shkresis products are available for sale in a wide range of drug stores, drug forums and online pharmacies.

The website is a place for people to share ideas and experiences, which can sometimes lead to a discussion of the drug they are using.

A user on the website posted photos of his own experience using a new hallucinogenic drug.

The user, who goes by the name K, wrote: I recently bought my first Shk-flak-kush (the new name) in a store in Seattle.

I took it to my local chemist and the first thing he said to me was that I should use it like the shrooms.

I got the shroom-shroom experience from the first moment I put the shk-k, and it really changed my life.

It was just amazing and it has helped me through all kinds of crazy situations.

There are also products for people who want to try some new psychoactive drug.

Users can mix psilocin and MDMA to create “ecstasy” or “molly,” or the drug can be mixed with ketamine to make the drug “bath salts.”

Users also can mix their own shrooms with LSD and psilosporin, or mix them with psilogol to make LSD-like mushrooms.

Marijuana users can make “cannabis butter” or dab to produce a “hash.”

People can also use the drug to treat anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, and more.

Shkrefs drug catalog also features “mixed-substance” and “non-psychedelics” products.

Those include “honey buns,” a “seaweed massage,” and a “cotton candy,” among others.

Users can find a range of new drugs in Shkrs “store,” which sells a variety of products and is currently under construction.

Shkkresi told the AP that the website was just the beginning of the store’s efforts to expand.

“We’ll be selling more products, we’ll be adding more places to buy, and we’re just going to keep expanding and expanding.”

He said that the store is already sold out of his new products.

The company is hoping to grow to 1,000 locations by early 2019.

Martin Shkretis drug store, where users can purchase new hallucinant drugs, including shrooms (left), is now full of shrooms and is now on its way to 1% sales.

The online shop is selling more than 1,200 pills and capsules of LSD, MDMA, and other psychedelic drugs.

AP reporter Alex Brandon contributed to this story.

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