Which of the following song lyrics are most likely to make you sick?

As you may have heard, the CDC has released a list of songs with the most likely names to make people feel sick.

The CDC is warning that these songs can also be dangerous and may have caused harm.

According to the CDC, these songs are: “Marijuana-infused songs that include references to cannabis or marijuana and may contain images of marijuana-inflicted damage, such as cuts, burns, or puncture wounds.”

They include: “A few examples of the song “Dancing on the Ceiling” by B.B. King.”

“Sons of Guns” by David Byrne and others.””

Carnage of the Heart” by Muddy Waters.”

“The Last Laugh” by Billy Corgan.

“Catch a Fire” by James Taylor.””

I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Lady Gaga.”

“Lose Myself to You” and “My Way” by The Weeknd.

“My Girl” by Bruno Mars.””

Flesh of Mine” by Rascal Flatts.”

B.B.’s Wild, Crazy Life” by Depeche Mode.”

“How Far I’ll Go” by Bob Marley.””

Passion Pit” by Metallica.”

“Bitch I’ll Kill You” – The Cure.””

Love Song” by Kacey Musgraves.”

It Ain’t Me” by Linkin Park.”

“Dancing in the Dark” by the Who.””

Run Like an Antelope” by Pink Floyd.”

“My Heart Is a Cage” by Justin Bieber.””

Don’t Stop Me Now” by Pharrell Williams.”

All of My Love” by Radiohead.”

“Stardust” by Beyoncé.

“Hurt” by Lorde.

“Dangerous” by Arcade Fire.

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post” by Adele.””

This Time I’m Alive” by Jay-Z.”

This is My Story” by A Tribe Called Quest.”

A Better Tomorrow” by Alice Cooper.”

Stay” by Amy Winehouse.”

Let’s Go Crazy” by One Direction.”

Take Me to the River” by Pearl Jam.”

If I Was Your Girl” and many more.

The list is available on the CDC website.

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