AUGUST 2018: Big Pharma to spend $8.5bn on new drugs in bid to stave off hepatitis C outbreak

NEW YORK (AP) Big Pharma and the federal government have agreed to spend an estimated $8 billion on new hepatitis C drugs in a bid to stem a looming pandemic, the largest drug deal of the year.

The deal, finalized Friday, includes a deal to buy up to 5 million of the three best-selling drugs, which have proven to be effective against hepatitis C, and to cover the cost of a third dose.

The deal could be completed as early as August.

The agreement will pay $6.7 billion to pay for the first three months of next year’s program and the cost for the remaining two months.

The total is about $15 billion more than last year’s deal, which had $6 billion to $9 billion in cash.

The new drug, Sovaldi, will become the first-ever drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the second-ever approved by a foreign government.

The $8-billion deal comes after a $6-billion agreement between Pfizer Inc. and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to buy Sovaldi in a $50-billion effort to combat the deadly coronavirus.

In a statement, Pfizer said the drug “will be manufactured at the U-M Health System in East Lansing, Michigan, and distributed in the U, UK and China, with a second batch expected to be available by early 2019.”

“This unprecedented partnership demonstrates Pfizer’s commitment to the U and the people of Michigan and is a major step in the right direction in addressing our nation’s public health challenges,” said David K. Dettman, president and CEO of Pfizer Global Healthcare, in a statement.

Pfizer is the world’s largest drugmaker, with more than $1 trillion in revenue.

The company said it expects to spend up to $1.5 billion to cover a second dose of the first drugs for consumers, and will pay the remainder for two more doses to cover sales.

It said the remaining $2.3 billion will cover the remaining months of the program.

The U.K.-based company is the first U.N. drug approved to treat people with the hepatitis C virus and will spend $1 billion to buy another 10,000 doses of the drugs.

Pfizer is in talks with the European Union to purchase 10,500 doses of its first drug.

Pfiser will also pay $1 million for a “vacuum” to be installed at its drug development facility in California.

It said the drugs will be made in-house at the drug development company.

The government-owned National Institutes of Health said the first two-year, $8 million agreement to buy a second, more powerful drug from Pfizer could be announced later this year.

The agency said the company’s first-year investment is expected to exceed $1-billion.

The first two approved hepatitis C medications, Sovadix and ZMapp, have been available in the United States since December.

Pfizers has sold more than 40 million doses of Sovaldi and Pfizer says it expects sales of Sovadox to reach 2.7 million by March 2019.

Pillar Pharmaceuticals and Merck & Co. have been trying to develop Sovaldi.

Merck said last month that it is in discussions with Pfizer to purchase the first dose.

Purdue Pharma Inc. has been buying Sovaldi as a potential treatment for hepatitis C. Pfiffer Inc. said it will buy the drug.

Merck said Friday it plans to sell about 1.3 million doses, including those for the U:2.5 million doses that Pfizer will receive for its own use.

Pfisher is the sole U. S. manufacturer.

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