How to avoid an overdose with a brain mask

People who think they are being treated for an opioid overdose may be suffering from a more common side effect, according to a new study from University of Toronto.

“When the patient experiences symptoms that are suggestive of opioid overdose, it’s important to determine whether they are really indicative of an opioid dependence or a chronic condition, such as hypoventilation syndrome or COVID-19,” says Dr. David Pomerantz, an emergency physician and professor of medicine at the University of Ontario Health Sciences Centre.

“These symptoms are not associated with opioid dependence.

Pomerantz was a co-author of a new paper in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that looked at a sample of more than 3,000 people who were admitted to hospital with an opioid-related emergency. “

If a patient does not experience symptoms that indicate a potential opioid dependence, we need to identify if it is actually an acute COVID outbreak,” he says.

Pomerantz was a co-author of a new paper in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that looked at a sample of more than 3,000 people who were admitted to hospital with an opioid-related emergency.

The patients, who were not necessarily admitted to a hospital for a COVID diagnosis, were followed up by asking them about symptoms they experienced during hospitalization.

“We found that the most common symptom that patients reported was hypovension,” says Pomeranz.

“That means that when they first went into the hospital, they were at a significant risk of COVID exposure.”

The researchers say this finding is particularly interesting because most people who are admitted to hospitals for an acute medical condition have no history of opioids.

“Our study suggests that it may be time to start taking precautions to reduce the risk of acute COV-2 exposure and reduce the number of people exposed,” says co-lead author Dr. Michelle Linton, a University of Western Ontario assistant professor of emergency medicine.

“It is possible that patients might experience hypoventric symptoms in response to acute opioid exposure, and we need more research into that,” says Linton.

“There may be a higher risk of this kind of acute exposure if you’re not well-trained in respiratory resuscitation and don’t have adequate equipment for emergency resuscitation.”

The new findings were based on data from the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Integrated Healthcare System Survey, a survey conducted annually by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

More than 9,000 adults were surveyed for this study.

The authors say they are excited to have a study that shows this to be true, but caution it’s still early days in understanding the effects of COV in the developing world.

“We are still learning about COVID in the world, and this is an area of research that is not well understood,” says professor Pomerants.

“While the study found a statistically significant association between acute COVA-2 symptoms and acute opioid use, we still need to be careful to recognize that this association was statistically significant and not a direct result of the use of opioids,” he adds.

For more information about COV, visit the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

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