How the world’s most famous drugs are being consumed

Glipsy, a UK-based company that specialises in producing and selling synthetic drugs, has sold more than 100,000 pills to customers around the world since it opened its UK store in October 2016.

The company, which was founded in 2014, is one of a handful of companies to have sold over 100,0000 pills worldwide.

The products are sold in a range of different formats, including capsules, gum, tablets and tablets containing capsules.

The pills are also available in tablets, tablets with a single pill, gum and powder, and a powder pill.

The Glipys aim to offer a range that is suitable for the diverse needs of users.

The most popular product is the ‘Glipsy 1’ pill, which is available in the UK and Ireland.

The pill, in the form of a capsule, contains 1.5 grams of cannabis and a 0.4 gram of MDMA.

Other popular products include ‘Glipla’, which is a mixture of cannabis with MDMA and is sold in tablets in the US, as well as ‘Gloplon’, which contains 3.5 mg of MDMA and 5.8 mg of ketamine.

Other products include the ‘KETRA’ pill and the ‘CBD-KETRAD’ pill.

Glipy was founded by former members of the UK’s most prominent psychedelic drug research group, the Ecstasy Research Centre.

It was set up in the mid-1990s to explore the therapeutic potential of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

MDMA is the main psychoactive ingredient in the recreational drug ecstasy.

Glopsy says its MDMA capsules are designed to be swallowed by people who have a tolerance for MDMA.

The capsules are packed with MDMA, which, as the name suggests, is a stimulant.

The capsule is then broken down by a synthetic chemist to create a powder.

The powder is then rolled into a capsule and rolled into the shape of a pill.

In the UK, Glopys capsules contain the same amount of MDMA as a single dose of MDMA sold in shops and is usually sold for £20.

The UK has a cap of 100 mg of the drug in the country, which makes it illegal to sell more than that in the marketplace.

Gloplon is a mixed version of Glopsey that contains the same mixture of MDMA, ketamine and CBD-Ketrazepam as the MDMA capsule, but is sold as a powder instead of a tablet.

The powders, which can be found on the internet, have a slightly different taste and are generally more potent than the capsules.

Other forms of Gloplons are sold by companies in the United States, which have also opened up shops in the last two years.

“Glopsy 1 is an exciting new product for users looking for a high-quality, affordable, and easily accessible high quality high quality product,” said Ben Grieve, CEO of Glipsey.

“We are also proud to have recently sold to our first customer the first ever UK Glopsky capsule, a unique high-yield MDMA capsule.”

Mr Grieve added that the capsules would not only be popular for recreational users but for people who suffer from other psychiatric illnesses such as PTSD.

The MDMA-laced capsules have been available in Britain since January and have been a hit with customers, Mr Grief said.

“Sales of Glopa 1 capsules have exceeded our initial target of 100,200 in the first two months of its launch, and we are very excited to be opening a second shop in the U.K. in March,” he said.

Mr Gough said that the company is working on expanding its UK operation to other European countries and added that it expects sales to continue to grow as demand increases for Gloppsy.

“The Glopsobs first international retail store, in London, is expected to open in June and we will be launching a new international store in the Netherlands and a further two in Germany,” he added.

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